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Business Litigation

Business Litigation Attorneys in Naples, Florida

At the MLG Business Litigation Group, our Naples attorneys know our nearly 22,000 residents have financial interests in different industries and companies, whether they are the original owner, partner, or if they are silently providing support behind the scenes.

Others use their real estate interests to provide vacation opportunities for travelers, including renting homes, condos, and retail spaces that can reach substantial numbers during the high season.

Last year, Collier County saw record tourism rates, with nearly two million visitors who increased spending over 8% from the previous year to more than $2.3 billion, setting an all-time record for the area.

As our Naples, Florida business owners seek to cash in on our expanded tourism, partnerships are being created throughout the region that requires contracts, agreements, and other legal documents to ensure their best interests are protected as they grow.

Our Florida business litigation attorneys know that no matter which industry you are in — from restaurants and rental houses to retail and ecotours — you need to protect your business, home, or condo going forward, so you can hold anyone – or any company – liable for any personal or professional damages you might suffer.

We can help.

Skilled Business Litigation Attorneys in Naples, Florida Practice Areas

Our Naples MLG Business Litigation Group lawyers provide both one-time and long-term legal representation that allows our clients to put their business disputes behind them, so they may move forward with confidence and continue to grow.

Experienced Condominium/HOA Disputes Attorneys in Naples, Florida

Home and condo owners throughout Naples often live or own property in neighborhoods or buildings governed by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements (CC&Rs), articles of incorporation, bylaws, and any separate rules and regulations to protect their interests during their disagreement.

When there are disagreements regarding the interpretation of these important legal documents, our skilled condo/HOA disputes lawyers in Naples can provide the legal guidance our clients need to pursue success inside and outside the courtroom in areas involving:

  • Lien Foreclosures
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Developer/Turnover Issues
  • Late Fees and Assessments
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Terminating Vendor Contracts
  • Improper Special Assessments
  • Election Abuse or Rule Meetings
  • Improper Board Voting/Meetings
  • Purchase and Sale of Condo Units
  • Improper or Selective Rule Enforcement
  • Disputes Between Association and Residents
  • Damage Caused by Residents and/or Guests
  • Preparation and Review of Purchase Contracts
  • Broken Pipes/Air Conditioners/Fire Sprinklers
  • Liability Assessment for Accidents/Injuries on Premises

Our skilled Naples business litigation attorneys today to discuss your Naples HOA dispute legal needs during a free case evaluation.

Skilled Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys in Florida

At The MLG Business Litigation Group, our skilled intellectual property attorneys in Naples know our city is home to two large technology solutions companies, including ACI International and ASG Technologies that rely on legal documents to ensure their propriety digital assets are not compromised during a breach.

Our skilled Naples business litigation attorneys represent clients — independent, small businesses, and large and corporate companies alike — in protecting their assets in the following practice areas:

  • Patents and Provisional Patents
  • Trade Secrets
  • Copyrights
  • Patent Litigation
  • Trademarks

Our knowledgeable business litigation lawyers in Naples can help protect your intellectual property and future, starting with a free case evaluation today.

Dedicated Wills, Trust & Estates Litigation Attorneys in Naples, Florida

At the MLG Business Litigation Group, our skilled wills, trusts, and estate attorneys in Naples know that our clients have a lot to protect, including legacies they have built over generations.

Outlining the details of these important life decisions is no easy task and is an undertaking that requires an experienced legal group to ensure no detail is left to chance, so future generations can pick up with their respected elders left off.

Our wills, trusts, and estate litigation attorneys in Naples handle disputes that arise between:

  • Heirs
  • Trustees
  • Creditors
  • Executors
  • Beneficiaries

When a Will or Trust is contested or disputed, it is typically for one of the following reasons:

  • Fraud
  • Undue Influence
  • Execution Formalities
  • Lack of Testamentary Capacity

Our skilled litigation attorneys help identify the validity of disagreements in trust litigation cases quickly, which may include:

  • Trustee Removal
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Petitions for Instructions
  • Disputed Trust Accountings
  • Disputes between Co-Trustees

At The MLG Business Litigation Group, our will, trust, and estate litigation attorneys in Naples can help outline the legal responsibilities, rights, and options of our clients to ensure their best interests come first – now and going forward.

Contact Our Dedicated Business Litigation Attorneys in Naples, Florida Today for a Free Case Evaluation

No matter the source of your legal dispute, or how far along you are in the process, contact our experienced business litigation attorneys in Naples today at 239-799-7557 to discuss your legal needs during a free case evaluation. We are here to help you put these challenges behind you, so you can move forward, worry-free.

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