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Knowledgeable Business Litigation Attorneys in Florida & California

At The MLG Business Litigation Group, our Florida & California attorneys understand that when you need personal or professional legal guidance to protect your interests during contract disputes, business torts, partner or shareholder disagreements, will and trust conflicts, or complex construction litigation, your livelihood and financial success may hang in the balance.

Our trusted business litigation attorneys represent individuals and companies throughout Florida & California to ensure your rights are protected from end to end by pursuing customized solutions for our client’s unique needs.

The MLG Business Litigation Group focuses on cases involving:

Breach of Contract

Business contracts are designed to ensure our client’s financial interests are legally protected the moment they sign the agreement, no matter what details the arrangement solidifies.

Some of the more common breaches of contract cases may include contractor and sub-contractor agreements, employment contracts, partner and shareholder agreements, distribution and reseller contracts, and joint venture agreements to name a few.

Business Torts

Business torts include an action or inaction that prevents a business from operating as it otherwise would, which may include breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, unfair trade practices/restraint of trade, tortious interference, misappropriation of trade secrets, or fraud and negligent misrepresentation among other important disputes that must be resolved to ensure the success of the company.

Business torts are complex and require experienced Florida & California attorneys to customize a legal solution that ensures our clients have access to the necessary recovery options that will make them whole again.

Construction Litigation

Construction disputes can occur on any project, large or small, and the more parties involved in the disagreement, the more complex the solution, which is why our attorneys focus on providing customized solutions for contractors, subcontractors, independent contractors, suppliers, owners, and the insured and insurers.

Our construction litigators in Florida & California facilitate legal solutions for each of our client’s unique needs, including multi-party disputes that require experienced representation to produce real-time results and long-term resolutions that benefit our client’s position in the project.

Intellectual Property

Our law firm’s intellectual property attorneys in Florida & California provide experienced counsel to entrepreneurs, small businesses, leading corporations, and researchers throughout the U.S., and across the globe to protect a broad range of industries and technologies, so our clients can excel in their area of expertise.

our skilled intellectual property litigation attorneys represent clients in patents and provisional patents, patent litigation, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Our intellectual property lawyers in Florida & California can help protect your future as your partners and advocates who deliver long-term legal solutions that are customized to your needs.

Partnership Disputes

Our partnership dispute lawyers in Florida & California represent clients involved in complex disagreements with long-time colleagues they started or expanded a business with when disputes arise from breaches of fiduciary duty, breach of non-compete, non-solicitation, and trade secret agreements, dissolution, and asset division, misappropriation of assets and corporate theft, embezzlement, management self-dealing, and violations of partnership agreements, operating agreements, or bylaws to name a few.

Trusts & Estates

At The MLG Business Litigation Group, our trust and estate attorneys know that outlining the details of Will or trust for their estate is a critical and sincere approach to ensuring your legacy lives on through family members, coexecutors, beneficiaries, corporate entities, or financial institution’s disputes or challenges.

Unfortunately, there are often disputes to these complex estate planning contracts and agreements that must be settled through negotiations, settlements, or litigation.

When someone takes the time to outline their wishes through a trust, there are many moving parts to the asset and property distribution process.

Our skilled attorneys help identify the validity of disagreements in trust and estate plans to provide the proper solutions for each of our client’s unique needs.

LLC Member Disputes

Our LLC member dispute attorneys in Florida & California know how personal disagreements can be between partners who once trusted each other with their professional and financial livelihoods. The conflicts that arise from alleged breaches of duty to the company can result in serious allegations that keep the company from operating optimally.

When Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Self-Dealing, Shareholder Oppression, or Deadlock Disputes threatens to upend all your company has built, contact our experienced LLC member dispute attorneys to learn more about the legal solutions that will remedy your conflict, including the pursuit of a direct or derivative suit when applicable.

Direct & Derivative Shareholder Disputes

When shareholders believe that the acts of the organization, which were decided on by the other shareholders have violated a duty owed to them, they may be eligible to file a direct suit.

Conversely, if the damages were not caused by other shareholders, but company directors that have the duty to pursue litigation against a person or party that allegedly harmed the corporation they represent, but choose not to pursue litigation, a shareholder can do so on behalf of the company.

If you need help pursuing both real-time and long-term business solutions inside and outside the courtroom, contact our experienced Florida & California attorneys at the MLG Business Litigation Group today by calling (786) 706-9228 to determine which remedies will allow you to move forward with the best legal solutions available for your unique circumstances.

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