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Can I Sue My Business Partner for a Breach of Contract in Florida?

At MLG Business Litigation Group, our Florida attorneys know that professional partnerships often make running a company easier.

That is why so many entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals look for allies when starting a company, so they can have a partner in the process, who can help traverse both the ownership challenges and successes.

That does not mean business partnerships are not without their trials. And it certainly is not unusual for business partners to disagree about certain aspects of the company’s operation.

However, disagreeing about day-to-day business issues is hugely different than breaching a partnership contract.

Unfortunately, this breach can happen in many ways, depending on the terms of your agreement.

No matter how the breach occurred — which could be something different for nearly every Florida business partnership — if your partner did not adhere to the terms of your contract, you may need to take serious action, especially if the breach resulted in damages to the company.

How Can I Hold My Business Partner Liable for Breaching Our Agreement?

All business partner relationships are unique. That is true for both the professional and personal aspects associated with each of the partners.

Some partners can address issues with their partners as they occur. Others may take longer to confront their partners about potential business issues.

But when it comes to the breach of a partnership agreement, it is important to approach the violation according to the terms of the contract.

First, review the original partnership agreement to learn more about the steps that were outlined to address a breach.

While all partnership agreements are different, some of the most common remedies for breaches may include, but are not limited to:

  • Achieving a settlement for the breach: The settlement between you and your partner may allow you to come to an agreeable compromise without taking any further legal steps. This may include agreeing to some type of restitution for the breach while continuing the business partnership.
  • Suing the Florida business partner: When a mutual agreement cannot be reached, it may be time to involve an experienced Florida business litigation attorney who can pursue the partner who committed the breach for the damages he or she caused the company.
  • Expelling the Florida business partner from the company: Expelling a partner from a company is a serious matter and requires the other partners to understand the complete terms of their agreement. In some cases, partnership agreements may state that the partnership must be dissolved if expulsion is the only remedy.

To determine the best way to manage your unique partnership predicament, you may want to discuss your options with a skilled business litigation attorney in Florida. We can help.

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